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Efficient communication is a key success factor in your daily work

High-quality documents with a clear focus on the client are testimony to the high standards of your work. I am a communication specialist who leverages your communication knowledge to benefit your company and your clients. Today, managers spend approximately 70% of their time in meetings or telephone conversations. Communicating effectively with target audiences inside and outside one's company has become a crucial element of all business environments.

Even more complicated, the increasing overload of information that audiences are confronted with every day makes it hard to attract and keep their attention. If managers are insecure about how to convey information in a convincing manner or do not have the time to structure their documents well, they risk communicating inefficiently and ineffectively, thus losing their target group.

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My expertise —
what Iva can do for you

As coach and editor for communication, I act in three specific fields.

Training and Consulting

Successfully, I conducted my customized trainings and coaching sessions over two decades for companies and universities, worldwide. My trainings add real value and represent for quality.

Plus, I work as a structuring consultant, facilitator, asking critical questions, specializing in visualization and language.


I edit your storyline for your studies, press releases and presentations for greater impact. Furthermore, I check if your audience understands your language. Together we create snappy story lines, visualize ideas, and brush up your wording and style.

Business Communication my career for over two decades.

Professional vita and academic background

What Iva learned

  • Self-employed as business communication specialist.
    Intercultural trainer at the University of Regensburg.
  • Seven years as consulting specialist in business communications at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants Frankfurt. As a consultant and trainer, I held internal and external sessions in Germany and abroad (e.g. Brazil, Japan, China), among others "PEP – Pyramid and effective communication I-III" and »Intercultural training China and Europe«. As an advisor and editor, I supported consultants and service staff in drawing up documents such as project presentations, press articles, proposals, key letters, talks and speeches. From my unbiased perspective, I captured the documents' main line of reasoning and improved their structure, logic and client-orientation. I created clever story lines, suggested convincing ways of visualizing, and edited wording and style. I offered internal and external training, and developed company-wide document standards.
  • e-commerce Marketing and project management at e)com AG in Stuttgart.
  • Director of Marketing & Communication and organization of the exhibit: »Körperwelten« in the Landesmuseum für Technik und Arbeit Mannheim.
  • Director of the Gallery Galerie Artlantis, Stuttgart (Gallery of Modern Art).
  • Director of the Gallery Galerie Michael, Darmstadt (Gallery of Modern Art).


What Iva knows

  • In 2007, I set up my own business. My work as freelancer still has the same focus as before: applying my comprehensive knowledge of communication skills and tools as a consultant, trainer, coach, and editor to my clients.
  • Intercultural trainer/coach certificate at Friedrich Schiller University Jena
  • Studies in Italian Linguistics, European History of Art, and Christian Archaeology. Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.) at German Universities of Würzburg, Heidelberg — and Italian: Bologna.

Business communication must be clear and concise

Your Benefit —
what you get

As a coach, I consult companies and students the skills they need to produce top-quality professional documents such as presentations, proposals, and studies. In my trainings and coaching sessions, you can learn how to structure issues and problems effectively, ensure a clear focus on the client (either in China or Europe), set up snappy story lines, visualize ideas, and brush up your wording and style. I work as a structuring expert and facilitator. Following up with a review of audience reactions and language understanding.

Additionally, to my trainer's network belong freelance trainers who guarantee high quality, flexibility and multiple sessions at the same time.

Prepare winning documents and understand cultural differences

I train companies and students the skills they need to produce top-quality professional  documents such as presentations, proposals, and studies. In my customized seminars and coaching sessions, you can learn how to structure issues and problems effectively, ensure a clear focus on the client (either in China or Europe), create snappy story lines, visualize ideas, and brush up your wording and style. In small teams, the participants improve their skills and can easily take part in discussions and solutions.

My workshops show you how to structure text and formulate ideas and arguments perfectly. Write sticky titles and edit your final draft of one-pagers, Management decision papers, reports, proposals and e-mails error free.

Structure documents and tell a story

PEP — Design, structure and visualize in a pyramid way

At the end of the seminar, the participants will have learned the following:

  • They have understood the concept of pyramid thinking: Core statement first, details later.
  • They are able to tell the core in a comprehensive story.
  • They can develop clear informative or persuasive structures.
  • They have learned how to visualize their content effectively.
  • They know the process of creating documents.

Professional writing

Write like
a professional

The workshop will show you how to structure your text and formulate your ideas and arguments ideally. You learn how to write convincing titles and how to edit your final draft. We are looking at one-pagers, Management decision papers, reports, proposals and e-mails.

Understand cultures

Intercultural training
China and Germany: understand
cultural differences

The aim of this workshop is to understand cultural differences and prepare convincing documents within the appropriate cultural context. Hereby, we tap the characteristics and values of the individual countries. Look and discover different communication styles such as

  1. Inductive and deductive reasoning
  2. Relationship grouping and holistic reasoning

Additionally, you understand the do's and don’ts of each culture. Learn to avoid stereotypes. You experience good intercultural relationships.

Stand Out x 5

Become a great presenter

The »5« experts combine their experience, insider knowledge and practical tips to perfect your presence when presenting. Spotlights are on language, staging, presentation and design, body language and gestures, and physical appearance. These creative, unconventional spotlights will help you to stand out from the crowd. You will become a great presenter.

Trainer: Rainer Bopp, Iva Kubrycht, Andrea Leicher, Oliver Metzler, Silke Müller

In one-on-one coaching sessions you learn to write and visualize effectively

Every day sets new challenges, but one thing never changes: It is crucial for managers to deliver convincing documents to their internal and external target groups.

My individual coaching sessions enable you to
  • Look at your documents with a critical eye
  • Analyze your documents
  • Prioritize your content
  • Edit your text
What I can do for you
  • Supposing you have prepared a presentation, a proposal or a publication, and on the whole you are fairly satisfied with the structure and visuals. But is your solution really the best-possible, the most convincing way of presenting the contents to your audience?
    I am an unbiased expert able to help you judge and, if necessary, improve your document.
  • Or you have finished the first draft, and you would feel happier if you could make the whole document a bit tidier. In the first section the structure should be more like a pyramid, somewhere else the basic thread still seems to have a "knot" in it. And in a few other places, try as you might, you just couldn't find a better way of saying or presenting it.
  • I will review your document with you and carefully edit it in terms of structure, visualization, and language.

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